Models that look very similar might be very different when it comes to replacing the parts, so providing the right detail for your vehicle ie make, model, month and year is important to ensure you get the correct parts.

Is is a 2 door coupe (it has a boot) or a 3 or 5 door hatch (with a tailgate) or a Sedan or Wagon.

is it Petrol or Diesel?

Automatic or Manual?... What size? and how many litres eg 1.4, 1.4, 2l.

Positions on the vehicle are determined simply from where the driver sits (and right hand drive here in Australia).

The side that the driver sits on is the RH side – often referred to as ‘Drivers Side’ or ‘Off-side’.

The LH side is referred to as ‘Passenger Side’ or ‘Near-side’ (passenger being the passenger in the front seat of the vehicle)


Atlas Parts & Panels stock a comprehensive range of products including Grilles, Bonnets, Bumpers, Fenders, Tailgates and Doors.

The GRILLE - usually the section between the head lights that is decorative and sometimes has the manufacturers badge in it. The grille can be any number of pieces, sometimes upper (called a bonnet grille) and lower (sometimes called a bumper grille), and sometimes can be split in two and called LH or RH grille.

The bonnet grille (the upper part of the grille) attaches to the bonnet. When you open the bonnet, the bonnet grille will lift up with the bonnet. The bumper grille (the lower part of the grille) attaches to the bumper and will not lift up with the bonnet.

The BONNET is the metal panel covering the engine. When purchasing a bonnet, it is important that you select the correct one as they vary across different models or whether the vehicle is petro versus diesel.

The BUMPER is the horizontal bar that sits along the lower front and lower back part of the vehicle and gives protection to the body of the vehicle in an accident.

The FENDER is the curved piece of metal or plastic that covers the wheel area that makes the wheel arch. There are four main fenders on the vehicle, 2 front and 2 rear fenders. Some fenders will feature flares and holes for the repeater lamps. Some fenders will have snorkel holes.

A range of DOORS are available across most makes/models, front, rear and barn door. Some vehicles will have sliding door, usually on the passenger side (on the right hand side of the vehicle). Unless second handGlass, handles and lamps are not included in the will be sold separate

The TAILGATE is the rear door of the vehicle. A hatchback, SUV and 4WD will have a tailgate. The tailgate can also be brought down flat (as in a commercial vehicle) with the rear windscreen, separate to the lower half, is lifting upwards. 



Head Lights, also referred to as a head lamp, is the main light that shows up the road when driving at night time.

The tail lamp, usually in the body of the vehicle, often combines the stop lamp/brake light, the park lamp and the rear indicator. 

The boot lamp, located in the boot near to the tail lamp can also contain the park lamp, indicator lamp, and/or stop lamp.

Not to be confused with a repeater lamp, your corner lamps sit next to the head light. Sometimes referred to as a corner light, an indicator or a park lamp. In some models it can be both.

Repeater lamps are small lamps fitted to the fender and/or door on the side of the vehicle and orange or clear. It usually flashes when the turn indicator is switched on.

Fog lamps, fitted into the bumper, will only turn on when you have the ‘FOG LAMP’ switched on with the park lamps. Some vehicles feature bar lamps, fitted into the bumper-other than a Fog lamp.


When ordering glass, it is not as clear as you would think...  Our extensive range of glass and windows will be green, clear or privacy grey for most commercial, suv and passenger vehicles. Truck and machinery glass is also available. 

Starting with the Windscreen at the front (sometimes called a Windshield or Front Screen), we then have the drivers side (RH side) and the passengers side (LH side) glass with the rear window glass behind. Some vehicles and vans may have more than 1 window towards the rear of the vehicle.

In addition, you may have 1/4 glass in the front and opera window glass in the rear, usually triangular in shape.  Again, you will need to be specific on the make, model, month and year of your vehicle to ensure you purchase the correct glass.

Lastly, the Rear Window, Rear Screen/Cab glass, Barn Door or Tailgate is available across most vehicle types.

Other options on glass include the availability on temperature, rain sensor, mirror button and laminate screens. Please advise on whether fittings and mouldings are required.